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Peter Jang


Myokinematic Restoration (Postural Restoration Institute)

Pelvis Restoration (Postural Restoration Institute)

Postural Respiration (Postural Restoration Institute)

Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Spc. (Functional Anatomy Sem.)

Master Sports Performance (National Sports Performance Assoc.)

Certified Speed & Agility (National Sports Performance Assoc.)

Certified Weightlifting Performance (National Sports Performance Assoc.)

Certified Program Design (National Sports Performance Assoc.)

Certified Sports Nutrition (National Sports Performance Assoc.)

Level 1 Nutrition (Precision Nutrition)

Level 1 Screen (Functional Movement Screen)

Level 1 Functional Strength Coach (Certified FSC)

Behavior Change Spc. (National Assoc. of Sports Medicine)

Performance Enhancement Spc. (National Assoc. of Sports Medicine)

Corrective Exercise Spc. (National Assoc. of Sports Medicine)

Certified Personal Trainer (National Assoc. of Sports Medicine)

Club Coach (USA Powerlifting)

Former Collegiate Athlete (NCAA D1)

Kyle Coogan


My name is Kyle Coogan, I'm a Strength & Conditioning Coach/Personal Trainer working out of Boston, Massachusetts. I consult & coach individuals and athletes privately, with the goal of getting the most out of their physiology. I'm fascinated by high level performance in any realm, and will do my best to help clients exceed their goals. I approach my client's training the same as my own, and believe that those who are willing to take a tedious journey will usually achieve long lasting results.

I originally earned a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition with the thought of becoming a Dietitian. However, early in my studies I came to realize that although the deeper science behind nutrition was fascinating, the level of information required to create change was fairly surface-level. That led me to pivot out of that role, and into performance training where I found myself employed at various private facilities. In my first coaching role, I was fortunate to work alongside a world-renowned NHL Skills Coach, and have peers that would go on to become future NHL strength & conditioning coaches. That environment molded me into the coach I am today, and introduced me to a new scope of continuing education that would guide me for years to come.

In addition to coaching, I had skin in the game competing for USA Powerlifting on the national level from 2014 to 2021; earning my spot in the top fifteen a few years in a row, and competing at the Arnold Classic in 2018 & 2020.

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